Idealism for Excellence

As tools to create man-made stuff become ever more potent, it has become easier than ever to flood the world with lackluster junk. My mission is to inspire brands, ecosystems, and people everywhere to realize that there is a better way--infusing genuine delight, beauty, longevity, utility, and value. The most successful brands in the world have been proving for the last few decades that excellence is appreciated, trusted, and always in demand. Today, anything less is just lazy and risky.

I seek to design ordinary things. The word 'ordinary' often has negative connotations, but to me, it has great positive value and significance and is a rare feat in the annals of history. Ordinary products are approachable, simple, useful, beautiful, durable, and enjoyable. Design is a key asset in pursuing ordinary status. My life experiences and acquaintances in a variety of cultures, contexts, and locations have only broadened my understanding of the ordinary. I strive to create lasting products and strengthen brands that make a positive contribution to the world, however small it may be.

I have had the privilege of learning from and working with many kind and talented people at HP, Sound United, Altec Lansing, BD Medical, Rocketship, Inc., and more, and am always open to new adventures. Thanks





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