Definitive Incline

Minimalism is the ultimate challenge, because no detail can be hidden. I inherited the Incline concept from the team at Frog, but crucial details like the user interface, branding, and material palette had yet to be defined. I worked closely with the project team to ensure that every radius, distance, and texture embodied the Definitive brand of obsessive precision. At its inception, the Global Design Center did not have any packaging designers, so I proactively designed a premium brand unboxing experience for Definitive's first offering in the personal audio category, the Incline desktop monitors with bi-polar sonic arrays. 

Design Winter 2012. Release Summer 2013.

Concept Design: Frog Design & Michael Ditullo
Detail Design & CMF: Cameron Nielsen
Packaging Concept and Development: Cameron Nielsen
Lifestyle and Product Photography: Jesse Callahan, Art Direction by Michael DiTullo


Incline Details 2016.jpg