Polk Omni A1

The Polk Omni A1 is a hybrid amplifier that caters to the two fastest growing music ecosystems: streaming and vinyl. With a secondary dedicated phono amplifier it can power the best in analog music, but it can also give new life to old passive speakers by connecting them to the cloud and streaming from all major cloud music ecosystems.

I focused on creating a form that was adaptable to a variety of home contexts whether open or compact. The ability to choose horizontal or vertical orientations allows the product to feel familiar when seen from the front in a home theater cabinet, but it can be distinctive if placed on a shelf or tabletop. Adaptability and performance were also important considerations. In order to help dissipate heat from the always-on electronics, I conceived a wraparound gap between the housings that promotes air flow in either orientation.

Design Fall 2014. Release Fall 2015

Lead Design: Cameron Nielsen
Lifestyle and Product Photography: Mike Lembke