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Washed Ashore

Short | 16m | 2022

An international team of marine biologists investigates the mysterious and sudden die-off of the Pacific Gray Whale. Since 2019, 1 and 4 whales have died, and scientists have more guesses as to why than answers. Determined to find a cause this team of scientists is racing against the clock. With every passing month, more whales are washing ashore on their migration from Mexico to Alaska.


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Co-Director, Cinematographer, & Editor 


Rewilding Honeybees

Short | 10m | 2020

Honeybees, who are essential for agricultural success, are in dire need of new living conditions. Beekeepers lose 40 to 50 percent of their colonies each year, but this is not the case in the wild, where bees exist in healthier, happier conditions. Progressive conservationist Michael Thiele is “re-wilding” honey bees — introducing swarms to habitats that are more conducive to the instinctive preferences that allow them to thrive.


Director, Cinematogrpaher & Editor 

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JURY AWARD BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT - Sonoma International Film Festival - 2020.png

Fighting Fire with Fire

Short | 7m | 2020

As wildfires in Sonoma County become increasingly devastating, a growing group of people look towards traditional Native American practices and perspectives for living in harmony with natural elements. Indigenous tribes, lease holders, and fire fighters are coming together to steward the land with fire, setting intentional prescribed burns in order to promote healthy landscapes and reduce the devastation caused by wildfires in California.


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Director, Cinematographer & Editor

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